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FLAMENCO meets R & B and Latin Pop..You Did it ,a successful merger. Reviewer: (click for website). My POP,Pointed you out,You just showed me how to merge FLAMENCO with R & B . Cesar you album is borderline Genius.I've been studying under one of Carlos Santana's lead Guitarist Johan Oiested for Five Years ,so I can tell the real Deal and your IT!.If Your ever want to do Orlando Florida we have a Guest Room ,that has a season pass with your name on it,,Check-out my video room and see the love I share with your kind off FLAMENCO feel everyone of your songs.MY POP tells me when the student is ready the teacher appears I'M going to school on you. keep opening the way.The LATIN world has just become a little brighter because of you.

Perfecto. Reviewer: Nuestro Tiempo Magazine "Cesar es un guitarrista extraordinario que te tocara el corazon." Great pop with Latin touch!
Reviewer: Music Connection Magazine An excellent guitarist.He plays too fast for the human ears but he's always in the pocket."

Reviewer: J Sin (click for website) Already hailed as the second coming of Carlos Santana, which just because you play Latin rock doesnt mean thats a fair comparison, Cesar has a lot going for him. He lobbied to get ex-American Idol finalist Mario Vazquez to perform on three songs, which as a person who thinks that American Idol does no good for the music world isn't much of a plus. But when it comes to the music its rather straightforward Latin leaning pop-rock with catchy hooks and all the key ingredients for success. His performance for the troops stationed in Iraq is coming up next month and I hope that not only helps keep the troops entertained but also helps bolster him some good press, he deserves it.

Worlds of Change is essential for those hot summer nights. Muy bueno! Reviewer: Shawn Epting (click for website) Often regarded as the next Carlos Santana, Cesar Marolla could very well be the next Latin sensation. The guitar work is so fiery; you need a large glass of water to wash it down. This album shows how diverse one man can be in within his genre. It will inspire you to dance, love, cry, live life to the fullest and pray for forgiveness. There's even a Christmas song. American Idol fans will appreciate ex-finalist Mario Vasquez appearance on Save The World and others. Spicy tracks like Get Up And Dance, make you want to party the night away, while slower songs like Rumba are an inspiration to make passionate love, Worlds of Change is essential for those hot summer nights. Muy bueno!

Phenomenal guitar and vocals throughout the album! Reviewer: Exclusive Magazine (click for website) If you like a little bit of Latin guitar, and a soulful voice of an up and coming star, this album is for you! "Soldier of Glory" is beautifully written set against a beautiful melody. "Get up and Dance" is an upbeat song that gets your body moving. Phenomenal guitar and vocals throughout the album! This great CD also has American Idol contestant Mario Vasquez debuting on tracks 5, 6, and 9 ... as lead vocalist! Check it out!

Photos Below: Legendary guitarist Al Dimeola, backstage, Los Angeles, CA.,  and Andrea Bocelli's long time engineer and producer, Pierpaolo Guerrini in his Tuscany, Italy recording Studio


by Horacio Malvicino,   jazz and tango electric guitarist and composer who played for many years with the innovator contemporary tango musician Ástor Piazzolla in several of his ensembles.. Over the years he has played various genres of music with many of the great names in the music world including Dizzy GillespieGary BurtonMiles DavisAntônio Carlos JobimJoao GilbertoSusana Rinaldi, and Plácido Domingo. His has composed music for more than 90 Argentine films and theatrical works and in 1998 was awarded first prize by SADAIC for his film music.

Cesar has lived his entire life as a natural talent of the guitar. Covered by CNN, Fox News, Entertainment Weekly, Music Connection, MTV, and many more. From his hardships to his heart, his whole world is shaped in the form of a guitar. It is amazing to me, knowing how cut-throat and competitive the music business is; how he manages to slip through the cracks and thereby became a masterful musician. He got his big professional break at 19 through the help of the unforgettable giant: Astor Piazzolla, the father of contemporary tango and classical music. We were performing together at the Opera Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was at the time that Astor listened to Cesar's demo tape and decided to give him a hand with his career. Since then, Cesar has played around the world. Perhaps the most incredible story I know of Cesar and his devotion to the guitar was when he first left Argentina and went to Spain with only eight dollars in his pocket, his plane ticket and, of course, his guitars. He was hoping to play with flamenco master guitarist Paco de Lucia, who met him a few months earlier and who told him that if he ever made it to Europe, to contact him. Well, after Cesar arrived in Madrid Airport with little more than his dreams, Immigration promptly decided to deport him. He was in a cell for six hours waiting for them to put him back on a plane, when he managed to escape long enough to run to a pay phone and call Paco. As fate would have it, Paco answered the phone. Paco immediately went to the airport where he talked the custom agents into letting Cesar into the country. Since then, Cesar has performed all through Europe as a solo artist. He also performed with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Frank Sinatra, opened for master guitarist Al Dimeola, recorded with producer Bebu Silvetti(Luis Miguel, Placido Domingo), Dominik Camardella (Santana, Ottmar Liebert) under the management of Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson promoter in Spain, Alex Zara and Hollywood legend Xavier Cugat. So now comes the uncontrollable part. The time that you, the listener, decide if the few dollars that you invested was a worthwhile investment. I am sure it will be a very happy ending. Cesar has always had his own spirit and his own unique style. His emotion combined with his unbelievable speed and clear technique gives the music an accomplished sound without losing meaningful soul or its Latin roots. Go with God Cesar, I wish you always the best. Enjoy!

-Horacio Malvicino 

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